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Upcoming Books and Workbooks by Author, Gwendolyn Maultsby

Watch for upcoming, exciting, creative works by Gwendolyn C. M. Maultsby.  Coming soon will be some of her books, workbooks, and CD’s.  They will cover subjects that will help you enhance your marriage and relationships; help you overcome the struggles in your life in many areas as you discover your purpose and the real you inside, also a book on loving through dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Gwen also will be debuting her  children’s books, poetry book, sermon booklets and CD’s.  Don’t miss them.  A list of some of her upcoming creative works can be found on a separate page of this website. The following books are almost ready for publication.  Check this site often for updates.


New Books 



The inspired nuggets of wisdom in Loving My Spouse From A – Z Volume 1, book/manual and in the separate workbook are strong, challenging, motivational, and sometimes very explicit. For some folks, these books will probably be controversial. That’s okay. We are all blessed with two things in particular, opinion, and choice. I hope that you will just please read the book and use the workbook thoroughly. There is some good stuff in there if I might say so. But you decide. Okay?

Here is a suggestion worth mentioning when you get the books. Don’t read the book/manual or workbook just once like a novel and then put them down! Although, they are great reading, you will miss a lot, and the benefits will not be enjoyed as much. Study them!  Make notes.  You are working on the most important relationship next to God and family. Be sure to read from “Loving My Spouse From A-Z Volume 1” book/manual more than once. You should make new helpful discoveries each time you read it. Try it! Keep them near you.  You may notice that each page and alphabet seems to say “Keep reading; there is more; don’t stop.”

It will be difficult to read the entire book and do the activities in the Workbook, and not gain something to strengthen you, your relationship, or someone you know whether married or single. Even your children can benefit from what you gain. Books are great tools for relationship counseling, too.  By the way, the Workbook also has a matching game for couples, “Just For Fun”.  Don’t miss it.

Enrichment is within those pages from alpha to omega. Take the inspiring journey. You, your partner and family will never be the same if you dare to open your mind and heart to receive and follow good principles of hope and help. As previously mentioned, re-use these books often for continued insight into molding your relationship. God bless you as you strive to have that special jewel. Share with others about these books. They might be just what they need.


The “Workbook for Loving My Spouse From A-Z Vol 1″ contains many helpful tips, questions, and worksheets to assist with your thoughts, concerns and plan of action for you as an individual, for you and your spouse as a couple, and for your children if you have them. Although, some of the sections in the Workbook will be very challenging and personal, if you will follow through completely and honestly with each exercise, I believe you and your spouse will discover each other in a new and healthy way. I believe this discovery of each other will better enhance your experience from this book, Loving My Spouse From A Z. I also believe that it will enrich your life and relationship as you work through the good, not so good, perhaps even shocking self discoveries about yourself. Determine to enjoy the most beautiful things in each other even when the unpleasant things try to overcome you.

Whatever you do, or whatever happens, please stick together. (Hang in there!). These books will help you recommit to your marriage vows, to God, and to each other. You will be glad you did. They can help you and your spouse to build what you have already invested in, each other.  Looking at someone else, or starting over with someone new can be as traumatic and more non-fulfilling after the fascinating fluff is gone. Too many people that left their first marriage or chose someone else to get engaged to and eventually marry them have discovered later that who they already had, in many ways, was really better than who they married whether the second, third time, or more. The biggest mistake they made was that they failed to see the beauty in their spouse close-up. But now, regretfully, and too late, they recognize it from a distance. Hmmmm… Dont make that mistake.

Let these books help you look for the beautiful things now in your marriage or pre-marital relationship, and stop dwelling on the negative.  You may be surprised. You may find that you are living with the one of your dream. They or you just needs some adjusting, tweaking, we might say, in certain areas. There is a saying, Dont throw the baby out with the bath. So, I say it this way, keep your spouse! Just work on the unpleasant things that I am sure you both have some of, little or much, and commend the good that you are going to look for more than the unpleasant.

Remember, it takes the sun, the rain, and time for beautiful flowers to grow. Dont give up on your marriage. It takes some rain, pain, sun, good and bad events, time, and patience for the beauty you desire day by day. Together, thriving in the rain and sunshine, in time, your beautiful marriage flower garden will grow flavored by all kinds of colors from your experiences. Those colors represent the variety in your marriage that now shine like a rainbow of hope even in the stormy rain. But you must endure the hail, the wind, the rain, and the heat of the sun. Seasons do change. Dont quit in the rough seasons of hurricanes, twisters and even the tsunamis of life. Things do change. The sun will shine again. Hold on!!

Get these books!!! May your marriage relationship become one of Gods special jewels. God bless you as you work together to enjoy marriage the way the designer, God, intended it to bebeautiful, loving, and complete with his help even when there are moments that disappoint.

 I believe the “Workbook for Loving My Spouse From A-Z Vol 1″ and the book/manual “Loving My Spouse From A-Z Volume 1″ will contribute a lot to either rekindling the flame in your relationship or enable a beautiful flame to grow brighter, if you will allow it.  Be sure to watch for the release date so you and your mate can get your own copies, and begin building that marriage made in Heaven.  The Master Designer is an excellent sculptor even with broken pieces.  I look forward to hearing your story.


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